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Cultivating a Stress Free Vacation

My mission is to make your visit here as amazing as possible. Planning vacations can be stressful and my goal is to make sure when you walk through the door of your rental it is exactly what you expected it to be... and more.

A bit about me: My name is Lanna Heart, I grew up on Cape Cod and love it here. My "regular job" is at Cape Cod Hospital where I have worked for 28 years. I have a real passion for being a self-proclaimed patient advocate. This part of me drives the desire to cultivate a wonderful experience for my clients.

Recently I have noticed an increase in the number of fake postings for rental properties and these scams have cost people, not just money, but time and honestly what is more valuable than that!

There have been many stories about people booking what they believe will be their dream vacation only to show up at a property that looks nothing like the photos posted on the website. I decided to take action and want to be a liaison and advocate for you to prevent this from happening on Cape Cod.

This is how it works - You are home searching online for a vacation rental and something catches your eye. Then you ask yourself "is this too good to be true"? How do you really know if what you are getting is exactly what the photos online show? That is where I come in. You can immediately call or email me the listing and I will reach out to the property owner/manager and head over to photograph it myself. I am happy to video/facetime/zoom the experience for/with you.

Some skeptics ask me "why would a homeowner want to let you do that?" Well, it verifies that they are legitimate, and trustworthy which drives future bookings. So.... Why wouldn't they!! Unless they have something to hide of course.

Things I would be looking for are if the appliances run properly, the rental is clean, does what I see with my eyes match the photos listed online, and other any particular questions you may have about the property. I have a unique advantage of being local and having lived here my whole life. As well as a strong network of friends, business owners, and valuable resources at my fingertips.

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